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Rangemaster Staffords

Staffordshire Bull Terriers in South Australia


rangemaster enchanted


dob - 17/03/2016
sire - Ishiross New Beginning
​dam - Rangemaster Wicked Wonder

L2-HGA and HC clear and DNA profiled

​Syri is a beautiful girl who takes my breath away. A real sweetheart with a happy go lucky nature who enjoys life and all it offers.


16/10/2016 - Marius Taljaard "Marconn" S.Africa
​Opposite Minor in Show - Interesting pied with ideal marking on her face. Good head with broad skull. Well balanced short body, deep brisket with legs well boned. Strong well muscled hindquarters. Best balanced bitch in this class.

15/10/2016 - Connie Taljaard "Marconn" S.Africa
​2nd Minor Bitch - Impressive pied that you simply can't miss. Good head with broad skull and well placed ears. Square front with balanced body, deep brisket with well boned legs. Strong well muscled hindquarters. Nice tail set.