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Rangemaster Staffords

Staffordshire Bull Terriers in South Australia


My name is Carrie Nourse, I'm an owner, breeder and exhibitor of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier based in Waikerie in South Australia's Riverland. I first fell in love with this amazing breed in 1986 when I met my first Stafford pup. To be honest it wasn't love at first sight, I had never seen brindle before let alone a Stafford and my first reaction was....what the hell is that!....needless to say that little girl soon won me over completely! After registering a prefix in 1988 we bred a couple litters, but after loosing our girl after her second litter we decided breeding was not for us. In 2005 I decided it was time for another Stafford or two and re-registered my prefix. This time I also decided to give showing a try, I didn't expect to like it but much to my surprise I got bitten by the bug and I'm still at it today.

I invite you to browse my pages to meet my dogs, past and present. If you like what you see and wish to put your name down for a Rangemaster pup when available please submit a puppy request form, Thankyou. 

For regular updates and photos of my dogs send me a friend request on Facebook.

I hope you enjoy my dogs as much as I do! 

​Latest News


August - my web site is currently under re-construction and I hope to have it finished very soon, new pages will be added as they become available, I appreciate your patience and understanding at this time, if you find something that's not right, or a link that doesn't work, I would appreciate if you let me know, Thankyou.

October - Mylee has been mated, this will be her last litter, check the mating's page for details.

November - Sep has been mated to an outside girl, details will be posted when pups arrive.
Unfortunately the ultra sound showed no pups this time for Sep and Hera.


April - We farewell Willow who now lives with John and Pam Bell as a bed bug and couch potato
We welcome Chyna "Ishiross China Girl" to the family.

July - Blade and Dixie are looking for their forever pet homes, enquiries welcome.

 August - Syri has been mated and pups are expected at the end of October.

September - Blade and Chyna leave us for their perfect pet homes.

October - Syri's pups arrived safe and well, 6 girls and 2 boys.


April - Welcome to the team Surg and Charm from our October litter and Queenie from Ishiross.

December - We said goodbye to Syri who left for her forever loving pet home.


April - Queenie leaves us for her loving pet home.

December - With the heaviest of hearts we farewelled Dixie and Harley, may they rest in peace.


March - We welcome our newest team member, Blossom

September - Charm has been mated, unfortunately no pups this time.


March - Charm has been mated again, here's hoping for a better result.
Pups expected in May

May - Charm's puppies arrived safe and well, 1 girl and 3 boys,
the girl "Puzzle" will be staying at Rangemaster.

September -We said a sad goodbye to Sep. 


May - We said another sad goodbye, this time to Mylee

June - Charm and Surg leave us for their loving forever pet home.

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