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Rangemaster Staffords

Staffordshire Bull Terriers in South Australia

Current Mating

March 2022

Buf and Charm
Epitomestaff Zeus - Rangemaster Spellbound


Pregnancy confirmed, pups due 11th May 2022.
Pups arrived 10th May, 1 girl and 3 boys.
No pups available from this litter at this time.


Past Matings

All pups from the following matings have found their homes

November 2020
Dio and Misty
Ejsterling Holy Diver - Rangemaster Mystical


Puppies arrived on Tuesday 26/1/2021

August 2018
Ziggy and Syri
Jenrana Ziggy Stardust - Rangemaster Enchanted


Pups arrived Monday 22/10/2018

​March 2017
Henry and Dixie
​Ishiross Grand Design - Rangemaster Wicked Wonder


Pups arrived Wednesday 3/05/2017

​January 2016
Murray and Dixie
Ishiross New Beginning - Rangemaster Wicked Wonder


​Pups arrived Thursday 17/03/2016

July 2013
Sep and Lexa
Rangemaster Gobbledoc - Ishiross Like A Rocket


​Pups arrived Friday 5/09/2013

October 2009
Jiffy and Willow
Justaffied Fire Starter - Rangemaster Don't Cha


Pups arrived Wednesday 16/12/2009

​January 2009
Hector and Gypsy
Ishiross Prince Ov Troy - Waurstafford Hedda Hopper


​Pups arrived Wednesday 18/03/2009

August 2007
Axle and Gypsy
Ishiross The Rocketeer - Waurstafford Hedda Hopper


Pups arrived Wednesday 17/10/2007

​September 2016
Sep and Mylee
Rangemaster Gobbledoc - Ch Ishiross Stylish Embrace


Pups arrived Saturday 5/11/2016

January 2014
Harley and Mylee

Ch Rangemaster Pied Wonder - Ch Ishiross Stylish Embrace


​Pups arrived Wednesday 12/03/2014

​June 2011
Harley and Willow
Ch Rangemaster Pied Wonder - Rangemaster Don't Cha


​Pups arrived Saturday 6/08/2011

February 2009
Axle and Cricket
​Ishiross The Rocketeer - Waurstafford Dame Julie


​Pups arrived Thursday 9/04/2009

September 2007
Mojo and Cricket
Ch Ishiross Just Try Me - Waurstafford Dame Julie


​Pups arrived Saturday 10/11/2007

July 2006
Axle and Gypsy

​Ishiross The Rocketeer ~ Waurstafford Hedda Hopper


​Pups arrived Monday 11/09/2006

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