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Rangemaster Staffords

Staffordshire Bull Terriers in South Australia

Present Matings

We currently have no matings planned 


Past Matings

All pups from the following matings have found their homes

March 2022
Buf and Charm
Epitomestaff Zeus - Rangemaster Spellbound


Pups arrived Tuesday 10th May 2022.

August 2018
Ziggy and Syri
Jenrana Ziggy Stardust - Rangemaster Enchanted


Pups arrived Monday 22/10/2018

​September 2016
Sep and Mylee
Rangemaster Gobbledoc - Ch Ishiross Stylish Embrace


Pups arrived Saturday 5/11/2016

January 2014
Harley and Mylee

Ch Rangemaster Pied Wonder - Ch Ishiross Stylish Embrace


​Pups arrived Wednesday 12/03/2014

​June 2011
Harley and Willow
Ch Rangemaster Pied Wonder - Rangemaster Don't Cha


​Pups arrived Saturday 6/08/2011

February 2009
Axle and Cricket
​Ishiross The Rocketeer - Waurstafford Dame Julie


​Pups arrived Thursday 9/04/2009

September 2007
Mojo and Cricket
Ch Ishiross Just Try Me - Waurstafford Dame Julie


​Pups arrived Saturday 10/11/2007

July 2006
Axle and Gypsy

​Ishiross The Rocketeer ~ Waurstafford Hedda Hopper


​Pups arrived Monday 11/09/2006

November 2020
Dio and Misty
Ejsterling Holy Diver - Rangemaster Mystical


Puppies arrived on Tuesday 26/1/2021

​March 2017
Henry and Dixie
​Ishiross Grand Design - Rangemaster Wicked Wonder


Pups arrived Wednesday 3/05/2017

​January 2016
Murray and Dixie
Ishiross New Beginning - Rangemaster Wicked Wonder


​Pups arrived Thursday 17/03/2016

July 2013
Sep and Lexa
Rangemaster Gobbledoc - Ishiross Like A Rocket


​Pups arrived Friday 5/09/2013

October 2009
Jiffy and Willow
Justaffied Fire Starter - Rangemaster Don't Cha


Pups arrived Wednesday 16/12/2009

​January 2009
Hector and Gypsy
Ishiross Prince Ov Troy - Waurstafford Hedda Hopper


​Pups arrived Wednesday 18/03/2009

August 2007
Axle and Gypsy
Ishiross The Rocketeer - Waurstafford Hedda Hopper


Pups arrived Wednesday 17/10/2007

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